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Java distributed framework is an framework for distributed grid / volunteer computing. It's divided into a server and client library. The client Framework supports also the detection of the computer state (idling, away, online etc.), currently for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It also offers, besides the network communication of course, many other useful features and helpers for developing an distributed client application.

The Framework provides secure client <-> server communications, unique ids, automatic resending of job to new client if needed, user stats and much more.

Current status is early Alpha. If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact us at our mailinglists or at the bug tracker. Or you could also join us in IRC: #jadif at freenode.net

Getting involved

JADIF is an Open source volunteer project. We encourage you to learn about the project and contribute your expertise. Here are some starter links:

  1. See how to contribute page
  2. Give us feedback: What can JADIF do better?
  3. Join the mailinglists

Under constructionPlease note:

This site is currently under construction and many areas are still missing. If you have any questions or problems contact us using the sourceforge mailing list or the forums.

Or you could also join our irc channel:
#jadif @ freenode (irc://chat.freenode.net/#jadif)