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The java distributed computing framework is divided into two separate frameworks, the server and the client one. You should also take a look at the JADIF example applications and the JavaDoc, they will show you how to use the Framework and what features Jadif offers. The following is just a small and incomplete overview about it.

JADIF server Framework

  • Multiplatform, flexible and scalable server, for serving and processing 100000s of client queries per day
  • Encrypted (SSL) Server Sockets (optional), MySQL or PostgreSQL for storage (users, tasks, stats etc.)
  • Very easy to implement, even into existing applications. You just need to take care about the Data which should be send to the client and about processing received!
  • Userstats including groups, user accounts and more to keep your users motivated
  • Automatic Signing and checking of out- and incoming traffic for maximum security and valid results
  • With or without user accounts or both (clients can login into server with username password or without, both get an unique id)
  • If client has no user account, he also gets a unique id for his computer and he can later register without losing his Statistics
  • Useraccounts (including passwords) with personal informations and unique IDs


JADIF client Framework


  • Very easy to implement, even into existing applications. You can set up your program in no time!
  • Detecting the client's computer state (if the user is online, away etc.) to slow down / stop your program when user works on the computer
  • Multiple server support, easy server switching and management, adding of new servers, proxy support
  • Easy obtain of User stats and ranks, registration, login and much more
  • Using embedded Database Apache Derby (you can also use it in your client program!)
  • and much more
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