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Written by Yves Hoppe   
This page describes how to contribute software to JADIF. There are many other areas, where you could also help, like Documentation, Article writing, giving Feedback, working on the website etc.

Getting the source code

First of all, you need the JADIF source code. The sourcecode is avaible through Subversion, currently the code is not split in trunk and branch, it's only seperated into the four different projects:

com.jadif.client (The client Framework)
com.jadif.server (The server Framework)

So depending on what you want to work on, you'll have to get the sources:

svn checkout jadif-server

This will checkout the sourcecode from the server Framework.

Setting it up

After you checked out the sourcecode, you need to setup the classpath for jadif correnctly. See Dependencies for Details. Most of the JADIF developers use Netbeans as IDE. The Netbeans project folders are also included in SVN snapshots for a faster start. But you can use of course whatever IDE you prefer.

Making Changes

Before you start send a message to the developer mailinglists or to the tracker. You could also join our irc channel #jadif on freenode. Describe your proposed changes and check that they fit in with what others are doing and have planned for the project. Be patient, it may take folks a while to understand your requirements.

Modify the source code and add some (very) nice features using your favorite IDE.

But take care about the following points:


Please also check your JavaDoc.  Examine all public classes you've changed to see that documentation is complete, informative, and properly formatted. Your patch must not generate any javadoc warnings.

Creating a patch

Check to see what files you have modified with:

svn stat

Add any new files with:

svn add src/.../
svn add src/.../

In order to create a patch, type (from the base directory of hadoop):

svn diff > JADIF-1234.patch

This will report all modifications done on Hadoop sources on your local disk and save them into the JADIF-1234.patch file. Read the patch file. Make sure it includes ONLY the modifications required to fix a single issue.

Contributing a patch

Finally, patches should be attached to Tracker or the mailinglist. Please be patient. Committers are busy people too. If no one responds to your patch after a few days, please make friendly reminders. Please incorporate other's suggestions into your patch if you think they're reasonable. Finally, remember that even a patch that is not committed is useful to the community.

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